Thursday, June 22, 2017


Art on the wall at Christie's in Georgetown, Kentucky

dripping into lips
intoxicating slips
elevating tips

for a girl with thirst
feeling quite accursed
a scene that's so rehearsed

elevate appeal
negotiating deals
tripping into feels

can we make a deal
show me something real
that will make you squeal

not something I dig
take another swig
of your Kleiner Fig

a tremble of the lips
suddenly eclipsed
by the orbit of the hips

(c) 2017 Frederick Ingram

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Für Yoolia G.

And your flesh shall be a great poem. ~ Walt Whitman

Too beautiful for words?
Maybe words just aren't your thing.
Tripping off the tongue
Of someone very young
Onto your belly-button ring.
Instagramming princess
From the City of Brotherly Love
Reinventing cleverness
Generating Pinterest
Like the stars you follow up above ...